Boom! My first blog post - storytelling is just around the corner.

The purpose of starting my blog is quite simple: showing you how many intriguing people with interesting stories, from different walks of life, there are around us.


My blog will contain interviews, photographs and video, stories of great characters who I have a pleasure to meet and record piece of their life – a moment in time. In the first few blogs you will meet an older gentleman who has gone to the same pub for over 60 years and his wonderful stories, a woman who gets electrocuted in front of an audience and a young composer and her imaginative way of working. Now you are thinking ‘this has been done before’ but the key thing is my readers that this hasn’t been done of these particular people. We are all unique that we know.

I love the buzz that I am experiencing just thinking about the future encounters, interviews and the long nights drinking wine and just chatting to these fascinating people. I haven’t been this excited for a while about a project, or in this case, many projects. I plan to make at least one blog post, small documentary, each month. Hoping to do more some months, but this is the bare minimum. This will become a life-style, documenting the world around me and its wonderful and interesting people.

Why am I doing this? This has been on the backburner for a long time now – and now it’s time to do something about it. Moving to the UK almost two years ago (how time flies!!) has inspired me because I am meeting wonderful people every week. I see myself as a sociable person and I seem to get talking to people in pubs, in my volunteer work and hobbies. I like to mention that I am starting this documentative process and it seems to keep the conversation flowing. People want to part of my world of stories. The process will also teach me a lot – a kind of therapy by properly listening and reflecting what is said into my own life. Once in a while I will blog about my own experience even this process is more about other people’s stories it’s also about me and my self-growth.

Now just hoping for an audience; I expect to be inspired, moved and sharing diverse stories around me with you. Who knows where I find myself with this in a year’s or two’s time - wish me luck people!

Ps. If you know somebody who would like to be part of my documentaries, please get in touch with me. I am looking for people from all walks of life, creative or non-creative, old or young, but they need to want to talk to me and be photographed or videoed – in a nice and relaxed way.

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