Homeless Service and Temporary Accommodation in Stockport

Between 2018 and 2021 I worked at Stockport Homes Group. As a Marketing and Communications Partner, I was in charge of marcomms for the Temporary Accommodation team who also provide homeless support to people at risk of losing their homes. The team manages the temporary accommodation schemes in Stockport, housing over 200 people at one time. There are also three Homeless Outreach Workers in the team.

I worked with the team to update the branding for the Stockport Homeless and Rough Sleeping Strategy and making people (both internal and external stakeholders) more aware what the team does by shadowing the teams, writing press releases and sharing good news stories on social media. I also photographed the team on site, in the schemes and produced a 5-minute video which highlights the everyday valuable work the team does. Also during the Covid, the housing crisis got even worse, so I helped to promote the volunteer work, donations and support from the community. Ellie, who is one of the Scheme Managers, also got shortlisted in the 'Young Housing Professional' finals to which I took the photos of her at work.


You can watch the 'Day in the Life of Temporary Accommodation' video, and some of the photographs and social media images below.