Furniture Recycling Project

Foundations Stockport Furniture Recycling Project collects and recycles furniture and electrical white goods in good working condition. These items are donated to residents in need who may lack the basic items that make their property a home. Furniture is collected from empty properties and through donations from people across the borough.

As part of my role as a Marketing and Communications Partner for Stockport Homes Group (which Foundations Stockport is a part of) I produced, directed and filmed a short video for the project called 'Journey of Furniture', which tells a story from different people and shows the full journey of furniture from a donation, to the store where furniture gets cleaned, to the customer who has moved to his first home after being homeless. It also features the Furniture team and the amazing work they do, highly reliant on volunteers and donations.

As part of wider promotion for the Project, I planned a full marketing campaign for the project in order to get more donations and raise the awareness of the important work they do. Some of the images and photographs below are part of this campaign.