Stockport Homes' Employment Team re-branding

Stockport Homes' employment team helps hundreds of people per year in Stockport to find their new career, or help them with getting into training, volunteering or advising with their CVs and applications to find their path into employment.

As the service is part of the Stockport Homes Group, most people surveyed thought that the service is only for Stockport Homes tenants, not the general public. As a Marketing and Communications partner, I worked tirelessly to change this image, and to re-brand the service. The campaign resulted in successful marketing of series of online events during the Covid-19 pandemic. The campaign manifested in increase of referrals and new client-base and many customer success stories in the leaflet below. Here are examples of the branding journey from idea to the development and and successful outcomes.



The campaign included:

  • New branding with fresh, Stockport imagery in general posts and three colours representing different aspects of the team's work (employment, training and well-being services)

  • New photographs of the team and customers to be used throughout the campaign materials

  • Cohesive social media campaigns with targeted boosts and analysis of their success

  • New online and printed materials, and regular website updates with the same cohesive look as on social media

  • New presentation templates to be used by the whole team

  • Use of more external online channels e.g. using Eventbrite for marketing the online events

  • Enhanced PR activity - press releases and getting different members of the team as guest speakers in external events and sharing of customer stories with different media (Employment Manager Amanda featuring on BBC Radio Manchester now as a regular guest speaker)